Campaigns for Christ

Target Tallapudi is all about bringing people to Jesus.


It's about bringing them from the worship of vain idols to the service of the living God!


Our goal is twice per year to bring a team of experienced Indian evangelists into the Tallapudi area (not always to the same village) to hold Bible studies and gospel meetings where Jesus is preached in people's homes.


You will remember how Peter preached the gospel to Cornelius in Joppa.


He went into Cornelius' house where his family and friends waited. They were gathered specifically to hear what Peter had to say. And many obeyed the gospel that day!


Target Tallapudi is not only about helping the Hindu population by providing health care, dental care, eye care. It is primarily about providing them with soul care, the soul care of Jesus!


Yet, to conduct these campaigns we need to bring Christian workers to this area, and that's where we need your help.


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