Clinic in a Can

Clinic in a Can is one of the strategies that Target Tallapudi is pursuing to bring change the religious orientation of this Hindu community!


One of the keys to Target Tallapudi is to bring Christian based medical services to the poverty stricken Hindus of Tallapudi and environs. In their poverty, the only medical care most will ever receive will be what we Christians bring to their neighborhood!


If you know anyone who lives in a community without medical services, you can imagine how important and alluring these services are to everyone who lives there.


Michael lives in a county (Crittenden County, Arkansas) which has not had a basic hospital for several years. This county has consistently voted down every tax increase for many years. Yet they recently approved a tax to build a hospital. They approved by a 90% margin!


In short, medical services are important to anyone and everyone! Including the Hindus of Tallapudi.


We are utilizing the resources of Clinic in a Can to bring various medical clinics in the name of Christ to these needy people. But these clinics cost about $5,000 apiece. If you can help, please donate!


Here is a link to the Clinic in a Can website.