Dental Work!

For the poor of India, dental work is both something of a dream and a nightmare!


It's a dream in that they don't have the small amount of money to take care of the regular dental checkups and cavities that every child needs growing up.


It's a nightmare when their teeth begin to cause them problems and even excruciating pain.


Their only recourse is to a friend who has a pair of pliers and a shot of alcohol to deaden the unendurable pain!


Yet Target Tallapudi, as we have the donors who help us, offers in the name of Jesus the basic dental attention that turns these Hindus need!


Instead of praying to helpless idols of stone and wood to relieve their pain, they can turn to the dental clinics provided by those who love Jesus!


And by your generosity, their relief is real. It's life-changing! And it brings them to Jesus!