Christian Education

Even though most Christians don't think about it, Christianity is closely tied to education.


Almost every western University owes it roots to the Christian commitment to education, both in Europe and in the Americas.


Additionally, the numbers of Christians grew most impressively in areas where Christian education was offered, especially at the elementary and the middle school and the high school levels.


So, an obvious part of the Target Tallapudi strategy is to create a Christian school, grades K through 12, that will ingrain the Christian faith into these Hindu children.


I'll admit, it seems strange at first that Hindu parents would send their children to an obliviously Christian school. Yet, these poverty stricken Hindus realize that the only way out of their poverty is education—an education they can ill-afford.


So when we provide them a low or no-cost education, the fact that it is Christian presents no barrier to the Hindu parents.


Yet, we need you help to carry this out. We need facilities. We need teacher salaries. And we need everything you might think a school would need.


All of these costs are far lower in India than in the U.S. And the students appreciate what we offer far more than most American children do.


If you can help with this, please contact us or donate.