Reading Glasses Give-away

Thanks to an arrangement with Foster Grant, we are able to furnish high quality reading glasses to poor Indians for on 50¢ apiece!

It's an amazing feeling to watch someone put on their first pair of reading glasses!


Their eyes widen in amazement, as for the first time in years (and for children, often it's the first time ever!) they see clearly to read the Bible as they hold it in their own hands!


For people who have real eye problems, simple reading glasses are almost a life-saver. Try reading the instructions on a medicine bottle without glasses. The difference between a Tbsp and a Tsp might mean life or death! (I've personally made that mistake and it was ghastly)


Yet the vast majority of people in Tallapudi area have never had even a single eye exam.


With your help, we are filling this glaring need. So if you are able to help, please donate!