Tallapudi Medical Clinics

A key part of Target Tallapudi is to provide ongoing specialty medical clinics for the impoverished Hindus that make up the bulk of the Tallapudi area population.


We hold specialized eye and dental clinics, as a part of Target Tallapudi, but there is a need for general, first level medical clinics as well.


These first level clinics use authorized medical personal to provide needed vaccines to children and adults, anything from polio and diphtheria to tetanus (and others).


They also diagnose and begin treatment for a host of normal day-to-day infections and minor injuries. Of course, these infections and injuries become anything but minor if they are left untreated!


As we have donors, we utilize the Clinic in a Can approach to this ministry, mentioned elsewhere in this website. But even without the Clinic in a Can we are committed to helping as many people as we are able based on the resources we have. Frankly, this is important!


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