Target Tallapudi

The Purpose

Our purpose is ambitious. In fact, it's almost outlandish. You may that Acts 17:6 records the fact that Paul was accused of turning the world upside down for the cause of Christ in the particular town of Thessalonica. Our purpose is no less ambitious than that: to turn the Hindu town of Tallapudi and its surrounding villages into a majority Christian enclave in Hindu India.

The Vision

Our vision is truly of Jesus. Tallapudi itself has a population of  12,000 according to the latest census data, with over 55,000 in the immediate vicinity. And within a 15 mile radius the population is almost one half million souls!


We envision that travelers asking about Tallapudi will be told that "that's the Christian town up the road!" What a statement for the power of the gospel in a land of idolatry!

The Method

In addition to the normal evangelism techniques that have been effective in India, we plan to create a whole culture around Christ in Tallapudi.


We begin with the already existing orphan care through the Fleming Tarpidu Charitable Trust. We are adding regular health clinics. Regular dental clinics. Regular eye clinics. Regular children's clinics and schools that teach Hindu children from a Christian perspective.


The field is ripe for harvest. In fact, this past year, the local school let out for our VBS so that the children could attend! What is rare in other areas is possible in Tallapudi!